10-27b: Tyrannosaurus Rex : Unicorn 1969 - Billie Holiday Lady In Satin 1958 - Max Roach Drums Unlimited 1966 - Xavier Cugat Cugi's Cocktails 1963

1953 – Eduard Künneke (German composer)
1953 – Zdzisław Jachimecki (Polish composer)
1954 – Franco Alfano (Italian composer, completed Puccini's final opera Turandot)
1955 – Vladimir Mikhaylovich Deshevov [Владимир Михайлович Дешевов] (Russian composer)
1969 – Jaime Pahissa (Spanish composer & musicologist, active in Argentina)
1980 – Steve Peregrin Took (English singer, songwriter & percussionist, Tyrannosaurus Rex)
1990 – Xavier Cugat (Spanish-born American Latin dance musician, spent formative years in Cuba)
1991 – Andrzei Panufkin (Polish-born British conductor & composer)
1994 – Robert White (American R&B session guitarist, Motown Records)
2000 – Walter Berry (Austrian bass-baritone)
2002 – Tom Dowd (American recording engineer, Atlantic Records)
2003 – Stephanie Tyrell (American songwriter & record producer)
2004 – Zdenko Runjić (Croatian composer)
2004 – Lester Lanin (American bandleader)
2006 – Jozsef Gregor (Hungarian operatic bass)
2008 – Frank Nagai (Japanese popular singer)
2008 – Ray Ellis (American record producer, conductor & arranger)

With this post, Yesterday in Dead Musicians achieves TWO significant landmarks in its history. And what a glorious history it is, one that stretches all the way back to the second week in August.

First of all, this is our ONE HUNDREDTH post. If you don't believe me, you can scroll down and look at the archive to see for yourself.

Second of all, with this post, YiDM reaches 3000 total page views. Now, I know what some of you, who see this post before most of the others, are going to say: "But it isn't at 3000 yet!" And you would be correct. Can't argue with you there! And my answer to that is that it will be, shortly, once our subscribers and followers see what a great post this is. Trust me on this one. Have I ever let you down before? Don't answer that!

So, it's an emotional moment for me. If you'll excuse me... I'm sorry... just getting a big choked up... and I'd like to give special thanks to that without which we could never have achieved these goals.

Yes, I'm talking to YOU, base-10 counting system! Without you, the numbers 100 and 3000 would be arbitrary and ultimately meaningless. So, THANK YOU, for all the hard work you do, day in and day out, serving as the base by which most people in the world count in this day and age. And if you ask me, hexadecimal never had shit on you!


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