10-23: Al Jolson 1912-1932 : 81 songs! - Carter Family w/ Johnny Cash Keep On the Sunny Side 1964 - Verdi La Forza del Destino : Price | Tucker | Merrill | Verrett | Schippers 1965

1753 – Columban Praelisauer (German priest, librarian, composer & choir director)
1782 – Joseph Riepel (Austrian music theorist & composer)
1801 – Johann Gottlieb Naumann (German composer, conductor & music director)
1806 – Franz Seydelmann (German composer)
1869 – Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Tolbecque (Belgian violinist, conductor & composer of dance music)
1886 – Johann Nepomuk Kafka (Czech-Austrian composer)
1925 – Vyacheslav Karatïgin [Вячеслав Каратыгин] (Russian music critic & composer)
1942 – Ralph Rainger (American film composer & pianist)

1948 – Eugeniusz Morawski-Dąbrowa (Polish composer & teacher)
1950 – Al Jolson (American popular singer, actor & entertainer)
1954 – Henri Zagwijn (Dutch composer)
1976 – Leonard Lee (American R&B singer, Shirley and Lee)
1978 – [Mother] Maybelle Carter (American country & gospel guitarist, banjoist, autoharpist & singer, Carter Family)
1982 – Jacques Klein (Brazilian pianist)
1984 – James Petrillo (American trumpeter and leader of the American Federation of Musicians, 1940-1958)
1996 – Alexander Kelly (English pianist, piano teacher & composer)
2003 – Tony Capstick (English actor, comedian & musician)
2004 – Robert Merrill (American operatic baritone)

Well, once again, no time or energy or mental concentration for a proper write-up... so go to your links above and be sure to read about the MUSICIANS' STRIKE of 1942, and the ensuing battles between organized musical labor (yes, there really was such a thing - the AFM was at one time more than the glorified booking agent it is now) and the major record labels. And also be sure to read about Mother Maybelle Carter, who had more of an influence on the sound of modern country, and gospel, and bluegrass, and folk music than perhaps any other single person. And of course, read about the World's Greatest Entertainer, Mr. Al Jolson.

Also, readers, prepare yourselves... for the possible return of waex within the next few days... (!!)


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