10-24b: Lehár The Merry Widow : Schwarzkopf | Wächter | Knapp | Gedda | Steffek | Von Matačić 1956

1940 – Victor Hollaender (German pianist, conductor & composer for stage & film, son of Friedrich)
1948 – Franz Lehár (Austrian-Hungarian composer, known best for operetta The Merry Widow)
1949 – Joaquín Nin y Castellanos (Cuban pianist & composer)
1952 – Frederick Jacobi (American composer & teacher)
1953 – Ernest Irving (English film composer & conductor)
1958 – Martin Fallas Shaw (English composer, conductor & theatrical producer)
1969 – Otto Jochum (German composer, choir director & teacher, brother of Eugen & Georg Ludwig)

Well, I wasn't going to say anything here, aside from noting the familial relationships of Victor Hollaender - whose father was one of the most prominent composers of German cabaret music during those wonderfully decadent years of the Weimar Republic; and Otto Jochum - whose brother Eugen was a very famous conductor, and his other brother Georg Ludwig a somewhat less famous one. Well, there, I've said it - and in any case that last bit of information was in your collage already! Enjoy the operetta...



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