What is the matter with you?

I am a compiler, consolidator, and disseminator of information, all of which is readily available on the Inter-nebs, and some of which is completely incorrect. On this blog, the content is composed entirely of images and text available thus, or of some image or text that is of my (our) own design(s). Those images and text have something, either directly or indirectly, to do with music and musicians, but no music is housed on the blog, and almost never is it linked to directly - and even when it is, it's something readily accessible on Web-erspace by your 95-year-old grandmother or your toddler.

This is a place where... old links go... perhaps to have some new life revived into them?  Or perhaps to pass into the Great Mystery forever... WHO CAN SAY...? surely neither you nor I... so, NO, there will be no re-upping. I can't re-up it because 95% of the time I didn't UP IT in the first place. I guess I'm trying to say I'm not much of an upper. I'm a real downer, in fact. I mean, take a look at this blog!

The theme here is whatever day it happens to be, rather than anything to do with music per se. It's about connections that fate seems to have decided for us - Billie Holiday & John Coltrane, both on July 17th!? And other ones that aren't so obvious and have to do with much more obscure musicians. It's about, as I've said, remembering the greats, and the the near-greats, and basically anyone who's been remembered enough for us to know the name, the occupation, and the date of death. It's about the Holy Grail here at YiDM of killing two already-dead birds with one stone, like finding information about a conductor and composer who pooped on the same day... now that could be a great opportunity for remembering both at the same time!

I want to be really inclusive. I want all kinds of music and all kinds of humanity to be represented. I wish I had some good research resources for the death anniversaries of African and Asian musicians. I'm sure I am missing a great deal of information about them!

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