10-24c: Carl Ruggles Complete / Tilson Thomas 1980 - Oistrakh : Khachaturian | Sibelius Concertos 1965 - Oistrakh / Richter : Shostakovich | Franck Sonatas 1969

1971 – Fernand Quinet (Belgian composer & conductor)
1971 – Carl Ruggles (American composer, conductor, violinist, teacher & painter)
1974 – David Oistrakh [Дави́д О́йстрах] (Ukrainian violinist & conductor)
1976 – Richard Sturzenegger (Swiss composer & cellist)
2005 – Joy Clements (American lyric coloratura soprano)
2007 – Petr Eben (Czech composer, organist & pianist)
2008 – Moshe Cotel (American composer & pianist)

Another THREE-parter today. Don't miss out on this part! One of the best presentations (by MTT, who's always so good at such repertoire) of the complete (and very few) works of Carl Ruggles, that great but loquacious American modernist of the early-to-mid 20th century. And some of the finest recordings made by David Oistrakh, one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, a great bulldog of a player with an enormous tone and technique and hot-blooded form of expression.

Well, there was a write-up! I'll leave it to you to find out more about Moshe Kotel, and his owner, Ketzel the composing cat...


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