Veterans' /Armistice / Remembrance Day + Nigel Tufnel Day SPECIAL : Songs of the Great War | Spinal Tap : Break Like The Wind 1992

Well, as some of you may have noticed, the post for 10-16 hasn't shown up yet. That isn't so much because October 16th is a veritable massacre of musicality (which, rest assured, it is), but because I've been a little busy with other things lately. However, that post will be arriving much later today, with any luck. To tide you over until then, there's this: a remembrance of our fallen heroes of the Great War, as well as to all those Spinal Tap drummers who expired of one bizarre gardening accident or another. In what ever way you choose to commemorate this very special day of 11/11/11, be sure you make it go to eleven, whatever that means to you!


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