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1692 – Giovanni Battista Vitali (Italian composer, violone player & church music director)
1794 – James Lyon (American composer & sacred tunebook compiler)
1797 – Pierre de Jélyotte (French operatic haute-contre, harpsichordist, guitarist, violinist & composer, created roles in several Rameau operas)
1817 – Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel (German composer, pianist & priest)
1865 – William Vincent Wallace (Irish composer, violinist, pianist & adventurer, active in Australia & the Americas)
1924 – Monroe Althouse (American military band composer, violinist, cornetist & trombonist)

1956 – Don Lorenzo Perosi (Italian monsignor, composer, organist, pianist & teacher)
1966 – Arthur Lourié [Артур Лурье] (Russian composer & painter, active in France & the U.S., friend of Stravinsky)

1971 – Gene Vincent (American rock singer & guitarist)
1974 – Joseph Frederick Wagner (American composer, conductor, teacher & author)
1978 – Nancy Spungen (American rock groupie, girlfriend of Sid Vicious)
1982 – Chris Reumer (Dutch operatic tenor)
1985 – Ricky Wilson (American New Wave guitarist, bass guitarist, keyboardist, singer & songwriter, The B-52's)

1989 Franco [François Luambo Makiadi] (Congolese rumba singer, songwriter & guitarist)
1995 – Eleanor Aller (American cellist, Hollywood String Quartet, mother of Leonard Slatkin)
1996 – Vernon Elliott (English bassoonist, conductor & composer)
1997 – John Denver (American folk, country & pop singer, songwriter, guitarist, activist & humanitarian)
2002 – Ray Conniff (American pop, rock & jazz bandleader, arranger, composer, trombonist & singer)
2009 – Dickie Peterson (American bass guitarist, singer, guitarist & songwriter, Blue Cheer)

More insanity, another big opera, it never ends. We had bel canto opera two days ago, Teutonic music drama yesterday, and today it's Baroque opéra tragique, courtesy of Monsieur Rameau. Pierre de Jélyotte (that's him - yes, him - just to the left of  Franz X. Sterkel; with his high tenor voice, many of Jélyotte's roles were female) sang in the premiéres of several Rameau operas, including Hippolyte et Aricie, Les Indes galantes, Dardanus, and Zoroastre. He created the title roles in many of them, including Zoroastre, who was... A MAN! Thus Sang Zarathustra.

Well, I could tell you a lot more about a lot of these folks, but you've got a lot of homework to do already down there ↓↓↓.  I guess before I sign off I should apologize for flipping that photo of Eleanor Aller backwards. It became sort of unavoidable for the sake of the continuity of the collage. You string players probably already noticed it, because one holds the bow with the right hand, not the left!


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