10-14b: Hate Eternal : King Of All Kings 2002 - Mahler 1 2 3 & 10 Adagio / Bernstein 1987 - Freddy Fender Greatist Hits 2 CDs

1990 – Leonard Bernstein (American composer, conductor & pianist)
1994 – Gioconda de Vito (Italian-born British violinist)
1998 – Frankie Yankovic (American Slovenian-style polka accordionist)

2002 – Norbert Schultze (German film composer & songwriter, "Lili Marleen")
2004 – Vlassis Bonatsos [Βλάσσης Μπονάτσος] (Greek singer, actor & entertainer)
2006 – Freddy Fender (American country, Tejano & rock singer, songwriter & guitarist)
2006 – Jared Anderson (American death metal bassist & singer, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel)

2007 – Big Moe (American rapper & soul singer)

Being from South Texas myself, it's hard for me to say what people elsewhere think of Freddy Fender, or even if they think of him at all. He does have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, but then again so do Kenny G, Rip Taylor, and Woody Woodpecker. Of course, none of the three of them have attained virtual sainthood anywhere like Freddy has 'round these parts. But perhaps I speak too soon; any residents of Fire Island, please let us know in the comments how well Rip's reputation is holding up. Wait a tick... Rip isn't R.I.P. yet, is he? I was certain he was, but he apparently is still with us, along with Abe Vigoda, Richard Dawson, Jim Nabors, and Rick Perry's presidential aspirations. See, now, belonging to the When You Die I'll Be Surprised Because I Thought You Were Dead Already Club probably qualifies one for a certain level of sainthood all on its own.

Well, that was one of my more tangential tangents in recent memory. And I didn't even mention how Fender took country music, old-time rock 'n' roll, Tejano and Cajun music, and fused them into a style all his own. And while we're on the subject of things I must not forget to mention, no, Frankie Yankovic was not the father, or the uncle, or whatever, of "Weird" Al, at least as far as I know. But like Freddy Fender, he could sure play a mean polka!

I'm going to resist saying anything about Leonard Bernstein. If I get started, I'll never be able to stop. Podium histrionics. Whoops... I let something slip out... see how dangerous this is? Bernstein was only the most famous orchestra conductor the U.S. ever produced; in fact, he may be the most famous conductor in world history, possibly even more famous than Herbert von Karry-On Luggage. Yes, I have taken my medication today. No, I don't feel like being not-silly, just because I'm talking about one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. Maybe, one day I'll say something relevant about him, or anybody. But for now, you're getting exactly what you paid for. Oh, just go to the damned supplemental reading, already...



  1. I can't understand what it is with extreme metal bands and hate. I get the evil satan thing; actually I prefer my metal to be evil. But hate is counterproductive. That being said, Morbid Angel is one of the seminal death metal bands. I think I have one of their albums on digital. It's good.

  2. I would have preferred Morbid Angel, but this Jared Anderson fellow, as far as I can tell, never played on any of their studio stuff, since he was only with them for a year or so. And I wasn't about to spend an hour looking for a live bootleg with him on it! This Hate Eternal album appears to be the best album he played on with that band. Honestly, the whole extreme metal thing isn't my most favouritest cup of tea (I'm much more into the old-school stuff, as far as metal goes), but I'm trying to pull in as diverse an audience as possible on this blog, just because I think it's interesting, to have people from all over the world, with all different tastes, meeting in the same place! People who might not get along so well in real life. And if you've noticed, readership is definitely picking up... we've had about 100 new page views just within the past 36 hours!

  3. By the way, waex, why don't you go ahead and upload a profile pic of some sort? Something appropriately morbid. I mean, unless you really don't want to.

  4. I'll see what I can pull up. :-)