10-16b: Eyedea & Abilities : By The Throat 2009 - Toše Proeski : Božilak 2006 - Blakey & Jazz Messengers : Free For All 1964 - Mozart String Quintets / Grumiaux et al 1976 - Wagner-Liszt Tannhäuser Overture / Bolet 1973

1983 – George Liberace (American violinist & arranger, older brother & business partner of the pianist)
1983 – Jakov Gotovac (Croatian composer & conductor)
1986 – Arthur Grumiaux (Belgian violinist & pianist)
1990 – Jorge Bolet (Cuban-born pianist & teacher, active mostly in America)
1990 – Art Blakey [Abdullah Ibn Buhaina] (American jazz drummer & bandleader, The Jazz Messengers)
1991 – Ole Beich (American rock bass guitarist, L.A. Guns, Guns N' Roses)
2005 – Len Dresslar (American jazz singer & advertising voice actor, The Jolly Green Giant)
2005 – David Reilly (American rock & electronica singer, songwriter & producer, God Lives Underwater)
2006 – Tommy Johnson (American orchestral & soundtrack tuba player, Jaws, etc.)
2007 – Toše Proeski [Тоше Проески] (Macedonian classical, pop & rock singer, songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, actor & humanitarian)
2010 – Eyedea [Micheal Larsen] (American rapper, singer, producer & guitarist, Eyedea & Abilities)

I'm doing 10-16b before 10-16a? Well, yes, I am. Why? Because I feel like it. If you don't like it, start your own blog that nobody ever bothers to leave a comment on. ;>

Sorry, but I'll have to skip the write-up tonight. There is just too much on my plate right now. I'd love to drone on and on about Art Blakey, perhaps the quintessential hard bop drummer, but it would take me too long. I don't write quickly, tend to be too perfectionistic about my spellnig & syntax my too also, as well. Even this write-up telling you there will be no write-up is taking me forever!

Anyway, Eyedea. He wasn't one of those rappers who sang about "ho's" a lot, but we'll we're on the subject, of course the guy who voiced the Jolly Green Giant was a legitimate musician, even if you never heard him sing anything but three different notes and just that one syllable. And that little tune was so short and simple: first down a major 2nd, and then down a perfect 4th. But I bet it made you run out and grab some Niblets, didn't it?


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