12-31: The Essential Floyd Cramer 1995 - Charles Koechlin : Ballade & Seven Stars Symphony / Rigutto | Myrat 1982 - George Lewis Birth of Jazz 1950s

1950 – Charles Koechlin (French composer & teacher)
1969 – George Lewis (American jazz clarinetist & composer)
1985 – Ricky Nelson (American rock, pop, folk & country singer, songwriter, guitarist & actor)
1997 – Floyd Cramer (American country pianist, popularizer of 'slip-note' style)
2002 – Kevin MacMichael (Canadian guitarist, songwriter, singer & producer, Cutting Crew, Robert Plant)
2005 – Enrico di Giuseppe (American lyric tenor & clarinetist)
2007 – Markku Peltola (Finnish actor & rock singer, guitarist & bass guitarist)
2011 – Omus Hirshbein (American classical music impresario & music director, 92nd Street Y)

I've been staring at a long list for the past two days, saying "Oh, no, ma'am! I am not researching all those names!" And so I got rid of about 75% of them. It was quite liberating. So here we are. Sorry, all you dead people who've been overlooked. But after all... you're dead. What are you going to do about it?


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