12-30: The Birthday Party : Peel Sessions 1980-1982 - Richard Rodgers : Victory at Sea 1953 - The Magic of Boney M 1980 - Artie Shaw & His Gramercy Five 1954

Not shown: Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne

1796 – Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (French composer)
1821 – Angelo Maria Benincori (Italian composer & violinist)
1825 – Peter Grønland (Danish composer)
1828 – Waldemar Thrane (Norwegian composer, violinist & conductor)
1922 – Richard Zeckwer (German-born American composer, organist & teacher)
1934 – Peter Cornelius (Danish operatic tenor & baritone)
1940 – Fritz Volbach (German conductor, composer, musicologist, pianist & organist)
1946 – Charles Wakefield Cadman (American composer & pianist, associated with Indianist movement)
1948 – Rosina Buckman (New Zealand soprano)
1949 – Heinrich Rehkemper (German baritone)
1967 – Bert Berns (American songwriter, producer & record executive "Hang on Sloopy", "Twist and Shout")
1971 – Jan Mul (Dutch composer & organist)
1973 – Henri Büsser (French composer, organist & conductor of German ancestry)
1979 – Richard Rodgers (American popular songwriter & composer for theater, film & television)
1986 – Jiří Jaroch (Czech composer)
1993 – Mack David (American songwriter)
1995 – Ralph Flanagan (American jazz bandleader, pianist, composer & arranger)
1998 – Johnny Moore (American R&B singer, The Drifters)
2003 – Anita Mui [梅艷芳
] (Hong Kong cantopop singer & actress)
2004 – Artie Shaw (American jazz clarinetist, bandleader, composer & author)
2009 – Rowland S. Howard (Australian post-punk guitarist, songwriter, keyboardist & singer, The Birthday Party)
2010 – Bobby Farrell (Aruban pop & disco dancer & singer, Boney M.)

We've heard from The Birthday Party before, when we were remembering their bass player, Tracy Pew. (Don't bother looking for that post - the links aren't good anymore.) Weird coincidence: On the fifth anniversary of the day Tracy Pew died, R&B musician Carter Cornelius died. Well, now we have The Birthday Party's guitarist, Rowland Howard, dying on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the day Danish opera singer Peter Cornelius died. Something funny is happening with the Birthday Party and Corneliuses (Cornelii?), and I promise to get to the bottom of it! And you know how much my promises are worth!

And as far as Peter Cornelius goes, that's another issue entirely. There are in fact three famous musicians named Peter Cornelius. The most famous Peter Cornelius nowadays is a still-living Austrian pop singer and guitarist who was formerly a member of Enigma. Prior to that Peter Cornelius coming into prominence, the most famous had been a German composer and author of the 19th century, whom we also remembered in a previous post. And do you want to know what's really coincidental about that post?!? I have no idea. At least, I haven't figured it out, YET. Maybe somebody can leave a comment and tell me what it is...

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