01-01b: Townes Van Zandt : Minneapolis 1973 - Lhasa de Sela : The Living Road 2003 - Ted Hawkins : The Final Tour 1998 - House of Freaks : Monkey on a Chain Gang 1987

Not shown: Tad Jones

1995 – Ted Hawkins (American blues, soul, folk, country & gospel singer, songwriter & guitarist)
1995 – Jess Stacy (American jazz pianist)
1996 – Hamish Imlach (Indian-born Scottish folk singer, songwriter & guitarist)
1997 – Ivan Graziani (Italian rock singer, songwriter & guitarist)
1997 – Hagood Hardy (American-born Canadian easy listening & television composer, pianist & vibraphonist)
1997 – Townes Van Zandt (American country, folk & blues singer, songwriter, guitarist & poet)
2006 – Bryan Harvey (American rock singer, songwriter & guitarist, House of Freaks)
2007 – Del Reeves (American country singer, songwriter & guitarist)
2007 – Julius Hegyi (American conductor & violinist)
2007 – Tad Jones (American jazz music historian)
2010 – Lhasa de Sela (American-born folk singer & songwriter, active in Mexico, Canada & France)
2011 – Marin Constantin (Romanian conductor, composer & pianist)
2011 – Flemming Jørgensen (Danish rock singer, bass guitarist & actor, Bamses Venner)
2012 – Yafa Yarkoni [יפה ירקוני] (Israeli popular singer, "Songstress of the Wars")

Something from the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and the 00s. I love it when that happens. And is it me, or does Ivan Graziani look kind of like a cross between Elton John and Eugene Levy?



  1. Townes was, to me, the third greatest singer songwriter. Hank and Woody beat him.

  2. Gosh, I'd have a heckuva a time trying to rate them all. Of course, there's Bob. And then there's Neal, and Joni, and Tim, and Nick, and Phil, and... well, you get the picture. Townes was certainly an amazingly gifted songwriter, though. I'm sorry it never occurred to me to go see him play back in the 90s when he was still around, considering I lived in the right part of the world for it.

  3. Yeah I guess it'd be hard to make up a list. In terms of alt-country songwiters Townes is hard to beat.