12-27: Delaney & Bonnie w/ Eric Clapton Fillmore West 1970 - Big Star #1 Record 1972 - Rach 3 / Cherkassky 1957 - Amy Beach Gaelic Symphony & Piano Concerto / Feinman | Schermerhorn 2003 - Lars-Erik Larsson : Förklädd Gud & Symphony 3 / Frykberg 1994

Not shown: Pietro Pontio & Walter Courvoisier

1595 – Pietro Pontio (Italian music theorist & composer)
1858 – Alexandre Pierre François Boëly (French composer)
1880 – Alessandro Nini (Italian composer)
1916 – Nikolay Solovyov [Николай Соловьёв] (Russian music critic, composer & teacher)
1919 – Achilles Alferaki [Αχιλλέας Αλφεράκης, Ахиллес Алфераки] (Russian composer, statesman & artist of Greek ancestry)
1931 – Peter Christian Lutkin (American organist, composer & teacher, namesake of Pi Kappa Lambda music honor society)
1931 – Walter Courvoisier (Swiss composer & teacher)
1944 – Amy [Mrs. H.H.A.] Beach (American composer & pianist)
1978 – Bob Luman (American country & rockabilly singer, songwriter & guitarist)
1978 – Chris Bell (American rock singer, songwriter & guitarist, Big Star)
1981 – Hoagy Carmichael (American popular songwriter, pianist, singer & actor)
1983 – Walter Scott (American rock singer, Bob Kuban and the In-Men)
1986 – Lars-Erik Larsson (Swedish composer & conductor)
1992 – Stephen Albert (American composer, pianist, trumpeter & hornist, winner of 1985 Pulitzer Prize)
1995 – Shura Cherkassky [Шура Черкасский] (Ukrainian-born American, later British, pianist)
2003 – Vestal Goodman (American gospel singer, "Queen of Southern Gospel")
2004 – Hank Garland (American country & jazz guitarist)
2008 – Delaney Bramlett (American blues, country & rock singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer)

Just barely enough room for all our labels today! Those Rachmaninoffs and Schermerhorns do take up a lot of space. Luckily I don't know the names of Delaney & Bonnie's other "friends" that appear on what's offered here, which is not the famous live album they made with Eric Clapton - that album was recorded on tour in England in 1969 - but rather a boot recorded in San Francisco the following year. No idea about the audio quality either, so freeloader beware...

Damn... Chris Bell. Talented guy... too bad, he really deserved to make it.

Well, I'd really love to tell you more about Amy Beach, and Hoagy Carmichael, and Shura Cherkassky, and Lars-Erik Larsson, and Vestal Goodman, but I'm just too busy with other things at the moment. Check out those links above, and keep reading...



  1. For a while I thought clapton was overrated. He seemed to play the same old cliches that 90% of rock noodlers played. Some time later I understood; he made those cliches cliche.

  2. Funny, I've heard similar things said about Big Star. When first listening to them today, it can be hard to appreciate how unique they were at the time, since everybody's already heard so many of the bands that were influenced by them.