01-21: Peggy Lee & Nelson Riddle : Jump For Joy 1958 - Best Of Charles Brown 1945-1956 - Champion Jack Dupree : Blues for Everyone 1969 - Wolf-Ferrari Violin Concerto | Serenade for Strings / Hoelscher | Francis 1994

Not shown: Domenico Mazzocchi, John Vincent, John Gibbs & Peter Stadlen
1638 – Ignazio Donati (Italian composer)
1665 – Domenico Mazzocchi (Italian composer)
1851 – Albert Lortzing (German composer, actor & singer)
1876 – Therese [Müller] Grünbaum (Austrian soprano, creator of Eglantine in Weber’s Euryanthe)
1882 – Anton Emil Titl (Austrian composer & conductor)
1883 – Jacopo Tomadini (Italian priest, composer & organist)
1884 – Auguste Franchomme (French cellist & composer, friend of Mendelssohn & dedicatee of Chopin's Cello Sonata, Op. 65)
1888 – Stephan Hale Alonzo Marsh (English-born Australian composer & harpist, active also in the United States & Japan)
1891 – Calixa Lavallée (Canadian composer, pianist & teacher, active also in the United States, "O Canada")
1894 – Guillaume Lekeu (Belgian composer, pupil of Franck & D'Indy)
1931 – Felix Blumenfeld [Фе́ликс Блуменфе́льд] (Russian composer, conductor & pianist, pupil of Rimsky-Korsakov, teacher of Horowitz)
1942 – Henryk Opieński (Polish composer, violinist, teacher & musicologist, early Chopin scholar & friend of Paderewski)
1948 – Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (Italian composer, conductor & teacher)
1959 – Lamar Stringfield (American composer, flutist, conductor & anthologist of American folk songs)
1961 – John Joseph Becker (American composer, one of the American Five)
1977 – John Vincent (American composer, conductor, teacher & author)
1977 – Zoltán Vásárhelyi (Hungarian choral conductor, composer, violinist & teacher)
1984 – Jackie Wilson (American R&B singer & songwriter, "Mr. Excitement", Billy Ward and His Dominoes)
1985 – Barbara Cowsill (American pop singer, The Cowsills)
1989 – Billy [Dorothy Lucille] Tipton (American jazz pianist, saxophonist & bandleader)
1992 – Champion Jack Dupree (American blues pianist & boxer)
1996 – John Gibbs (English baritone)
1996 – Peter Stadlen (Austrian-born British composer, pianist & musicologist, specialist in Beethoven)
1997 – Colonel Tom Parker [Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk] (Dutch-born American impresario, manager of Elvis Presley)
1999 – Charles Brown (American blues singer & pianist)
2002 – Peggy Lee [Norma Deloris Egstrom] (American jazz & pop singer, songwriter, composer & actress)
2007 – U;Nee [Heo Yoon] (Korean pop singer, rapper, dancer & actress)
2010 – Paul Quarrington (Canadian novelist, playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician & teacher)

Billy Tipton was a female pianist who began dressing as a man in the 1930s so it would be easier for her to find work playing in jazz clubs. But even long after the jazz world had become more receptive to female instrumentalists, she continued to dress and self-identify as a man. Billy Tipton was in fact a lesbian. And unbelievably enough, she somehow managed over the course of her life to fool five husbands, and several government agencies, into believing she was a man. It was only upon her death that the truth about her gender was revealed. One of the most astonishing stories in jazz history.


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