01-20: Etta James Rocks the House 1963 - Gerry Mulligan Quartet : Pleyel Concert 1954 - Lonnie Smith : Think! 1968 - Franz Andre 78s & LPs 1941-1958 - Czech New Music : Pinos | Blatny | Istvan / Jilek 1988

Not shown: Christian de Placker, Michal Bogdanowicz, Edward Francis Fitzwilliam, Giacomo Benvenuti & Beverley Johnson
1691 – Christian de Placker (Flemish poet & composer)
1774 – Florian Leopold Gassmann (Czech composer of German descent)
1789 – Johann Christoph Oley (German organist & composer)
1798 – Christian Cannabich (German violinist, composer & director of the Mannheim orchestra)
1830 – Michal Bogdanowicz (Austrian composer & violinist of Polish descent)
1838 – Pierre-Louis Hus-Desforges (French cellist, conductor & composer)
1857 – Edward Francis Fitzwilliam (English composer & director of Lyceum Theatre)
1859 – Bettina Brentano von Arnim (German writer, composer, singer, artist & social activist, friend of Goethe & Beethoven)
1890 – Franz Lachner (German composer & conductor)
1905 – Stanislaw Pilinski (Polish-born French pianist, organist, conductor & composer)
1909 – Zulma Bouffar (French actress & soprano, mistress of Offenbach & creator of several roles in his opéras bouffes)
1914 – Henry Southwick Perkins (American choral & glee composer, teacher & music critic)
1914 – Emil Liebling (German-born American pianist & composer)
1943 – Giacomo Benvenuti (Italian composer, musicologist & organist)
1952 – Arthur Farwell (American composer, conductor, teacher, lithographer & music publisher)
1964 – Jan Rychlík (Czech composer, music theorist, jazz percussionist & author)
1965 – Alan Freed (American disk jockey, pioneer of rock radio)
1975 – Franz André (Belgian conductor & violinist)
1979 – Gustav Winckler (Danish pop singer, composer & music publisher)
1985 – Jo Juda (Dutch violinist, concertmaster of the Concertgebouw Orchestra)
1990 – Miloslav Ištvan (Czech composer)
1990 – Hayedeh [هایده‎] (Iranian-born American classical & pop singer)
1993 – Marko Rothmuller (Croatian-born American operatic baritone, teacher & composer of Sephardic songs)
1996 – Gerry Mulligan (American jazz baritone saxophonist, clarinetist, composer & arranger,"Jeru")
2000 – Irra Petina (Russian-born Broadway actress & contralto at the Metropolitan Opera)
2001 – Beverley Johnson (American singing coach, Juilliard School, teacher of Renée Fleming)
2002 – Carrie Hamilton (American actress, singer & playwright, daughter of Carol Burnett)
2006 – Dave Lepard (Swedish glam metal singer & guitarist, Crashdïet)
2009 – David "Fathead" Newman (American jazz & R&B saxophonist & flutist, Ray Charles)
2012 – Etta James (American R&B, soul, gospel & jazz singer)



  1. Gerry Mulligan. There's a good recording of him with Thelonious Monk called "Mulligan Meets Monk."

  2. Sounds worth checking out. I don't have a huge amount of Jeru in my collection. Birth of the Cool, some of the work he did with Chet Baker, the album he did with Ben Webster, a few other things. Maybe it's because the Cool/West Coast styles are not my favorite. But I do love the larger sizes of sax. Do you know Coltrane's Dakar? It has TWO bari saxes on it, Pepper Adams & Cecil Payne. Actually, Adams was really the leader at the session, but Prestige reissued it in the 60s under Coltrane's name after he became famous. It has a great sound to it, very dark. I'm not sure if that particular combination of instruments (tenor, 2 baris, piano, bass, drums) has ever been used since.

  3. I don't know what you mean, quincyscott. A total of 8 different individuals have left comments here, if you include you, me, waex (who's part of this blog), and a couple of bots.

    I kind of enjoyed this exchange with one of them: