12-15: Beethoven 3 Eroica : Munch 1957 | Wand 1990 - Stan Getz & Bob Brookmeyer Recorded Fall 1961 - Fats Waller 1922-1926

Not shown: Manuel Jerónimo Romero de Ávila, Gordon Frederic Norton, Orest Alexandrovich Evlahkov & Hans de Jong
1779 – Manuel Jerónimo Romero de Ávila (Spanish composer)
1792 – Joseph Martin Kraus (German composer, active in Sweden, "the Swedish Mozart")
1816 – Prince Joseph Franz Maximilian von Lobkowitz [Lobkowicz] (Czech nobleman, musician & patron of Haydn & Beethoven)
1861 – Gualtiero Sanelli (Italian composer)
1892 – Charles Balmer (German-born American composer, organist & music publisher)
1901 – Elias Álvares Lobo (Brazilian composer, first Brazilian to write an opera in Portuguese, A Noite de São João)
1909 – Francisco Tárrega y Eixea (Spanish composer & guitarist)
1937 – Vilhelm Herold (Danish operatic tenor, teacher & theatrical director)
1940 – Blanche Marchesi (French mezzo-soprano & teacher of Italian & German descent)
1943 – Fats Waller (American jazz pianist, organist, composer, singer & comedian)
1944 – Glenn Miller (American jazz trombonist, arranger, composer & bandleader)
1945 – Tobias Matthay (British pianist, teacher & composer)
1946 – Gordon Frederic Norton (composer)
1949 – Ludwig Ermold (German bass)
1950 – Robert Müller-Hartmann (German composer, teacher, music critic & author)
1953 – Kishio Hirao (Japanese composer)
1967 – Valeria Barsova [Валерия Барсова] (Russian soprano)
1972 – Herbert Eimert (German music theorist, musicologist, music critic, editor, radio producer & composer)
1973 – Orest Alexandrovich Evlahkov (composer)
1974 – Karin Branzell (Swedish mezzo-soprano)
1974 – Erich Walter Sternberg (German-born Israeli composer, co-founder of Israel Philharmonic)
1975 – Muxtor Ashrafiy [Мухтар Ашрафи] (Uzbek composer & conductor)
1984 – Jan Peerce (American tenor)
1994 – Hans de Jong (Dutch choral conductor, Amsterdams Vrouwenkoor)
1996 – Tristan Keuris (Dutch composer)
2004 – Sidonie Goossens (British harpist, sister of Sir Eugene)
2001 – Rufus Thomas (American R&B, funk & soul singer, comedian, TV host & DJ)
2011 – Bob Brookmeyer (American jazz valve trombonist, slide trombonist, pianist, composer & arranger)

I'm thinking I might go back and start trying to fix some of these links that are no longer any good, because I'm sure you've all been having trouble with a lot of them. I'd fix 'em a few posts at a time, starting with the most recent ones and working backwards. Then I'd put up a new post with the new links for you, so you'll know when I've fixed what. We'll see.

I found a link for something by Herbert Eimert, but it's at Filesonic, and as some of you may have discovered, you have to actually try to start the download over there for them to tell you that the file isn't available. Which the Eimert isn't any more. Sneaky bastards.

So anyway, you get two Eroica Symphonies, which isn't much of a substitute for Eimert, but whatever. The Eroica was premiered at the home of Prince Lobkowitz, who's on our list. The prince also became the dedicatee of the symphony after Beethoven changed his mind about dedicating it to Napoleon. Everybody's heard that story, right? Napoleon puts the crown on his own head, the Bee hears about it, gets mad and scratches his name off the title page, bla bla bla. Well, anyway... whatever.


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