12-14: Keith Jarrett : Life Between the Exit Signs 1967 | El Juicio 1971 - Dinah Washington Sings Bessie Smith 1958 - C.P.E. Bach Magnificat & Sinfonias / Haenchen 1995

Not shown above: Johann Philipp Förtsch & Don Anthony

1732 – Johann Philipp Förtsch (German composer, statesman & scholar)
1788 – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (German composer, keyboardist, author & teacher, son of Johann Sebastian)
1829 – Luigi Marchesi (Italian castrato singer)
1849 – Conradin Kreutzer (German composer & conductor)
1861 – Heinrich August Marschner (German composer known mainly for his operas)
1886 – Antoni Wincenty Rutkowski (Polish composer)
1901 – Adolf Müller, Jr. (Austrian operetta composer & conductor)
1914 – Giovanni Sgambati (Italian composer, singer & conductor)
1923 – Giuseppe Gallignani (Italian composer, organist & conductor)
1938 – Maurice Emmanuel (French composer & musicologist, pupil of Delibes & Franck, peer of Debussy, teacher of Messiaen & Dutilleux)
1945 – Constantino Gaito (Argentine composer of Italian ancestry)
1948 – R. O. Morris (English composer & teacher of Finzi, Tippett, Lambert & Rubbra)
1952 – Fartein Valen (Norwegian composer & music theorist)
1962 – Nazzareno De Angelis (Italian operatic bass)
1963 – Dinah Washington (American blues, R&B & jazz singer, "Queen of the Blues")
1965 – Herman Sandby (Danish composer & cellist)
1968 – Margarete Klose (German operatic mezzo-soprano)
1973 – Yitzhak Edel [לדא קחצי] (Israeli composer & violinist)
1994 – Mary Ann McCall (American jazz & pop singer)
1995 – Don Anthony (American bandleader & songwriter)
1997 – Kurt Winter (Canadian guitarist & songwriter, The Guess Who)
1999 – Gré Brouwenstijn (Dutch operatic soprano)
2006 – Ahmet Ertegün (Turkish-born American record executive, talent scout & songwriter, Atlantic Records)

Relax. Keith Jarrett is still alive. Trust me, I'll be crying my eyes out the day that cat poops. But I wanted to have something from Atlantic Records, in honor of Ahmet Ertegun, and at first I was really stumped at where to begin. Then I figured since we haven't had much jazz in a while, Jarrett's stellar debut on Atlantic subsidiary Vortex would be as good a choice as any. This issue was packaged with another one of his early Atlantic albums, too... one of the earliest of Keith with his "American Quartet." So, enjoy.

And to those of you who are fans of the Guess Who, my apologies. The studio albums the band made when Kurt Winter was in the fold (1970 thru '74, after the Randy Bachman years) weren't all that great, but I'd wanted to still give you some live stuff - preferably the very good Live at the Paramount from 1972, or else a boot from those years, but what little I did turn up was unavailable, for whatever reason. And yes, in some cases the reason was because the files were being hosted at one of those places where we can't go any more! So, we'll just have to take what we can get.


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