12-02a: Dinu Lipatti Chopin Waltzes 1950 - Copland Symphony 3 | Billy the Kid : Copland 1958 - Copland Clarinet Concerto : Goodman / Copland 1950 - Ravel Concerto in G | D'Indy Symphony : Henriot-Schweitzer / Munch 1959

David Stockman is not pictured above, because I was not able to find a photo of him. Imagine that, an opera singer without photos!

1774 – Johann Friedrich Agricola (German composer, organist, singer, teacher, and music theorist, pupil of J.S. Bach)
1831 – Max Eberwein (German composer & conductor)
1845 – Simon Mayr (German composer & choirmaster, teacher of Donizetti)
1880 – Josephine Lang (German composer, pianist & teacher)
1888 – Franz Xaver Witt (German priest, church musician & composer)
1904 – Victor Roger (French theatrical composer & music critic)
1915 – Jan Malát (Czech composer & teacher)
1916 – Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti (Italian-born British song composer & teacher)
1923 – Tomás Bretón y Hernandez (Spanish composer & conductor)
1924 – Emmy Achté (Finnish mezzo-soprano)
1925 – Juli Garreta i Arboix (Spanish composer, known especially for his sardanes)
1931 – Vincent d'Indy (French composer, teacher & co-founder of the Schola Cantorum de Paris)
1941 – Ester Osborne (Swedish-born American soprano)
1942 – Wilhelm Grüning (German tenor)
1950 – Dinu Lipatti (Romanian pianist & composer)
1951 – David Stockman (Swedish tenor)
1959 – Antonio Savasta (Italian composer & teacher)
1974 – Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté [Софи Кармен Экхардт-Граматте] (Russian-born Canadian composer, pianist & violinist)
1979 – Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi [Василий Соловьёв-Седой] (Russian composer)
1980 – Roza Eskenazi [Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ] (Turkish-born Greek folk & rebetiko singer of Sephardic ancestry)
1981 – Hershy Kay (American composer & arranger, New York City Ballet, Leonard Bernstein)
1985 – Philip Larkin (English poet, novelist, librarian & jazz critic)
1986 – Desi Arnaz (Cuban-born America actor, singer, bandleader & television producer)
1988 – Tata Giacobetti (Italian popular singer, lyricist & actor, Quartetto Cetra)
1990 – Aaron Copland (American composer, conductor & pianist)

None of you guys went for these Chopin waltzes the last time (when were were remembering Chopin), so here they are again. It's Dinu Lipatti! You know, the brilliant Romanian pianist who died of Hodgkin's Disease at only 33. His Chopin, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Liszt, Enescu... really, anything he recorded... is to be treasured. The vinyl rip isn't the best in the world, but it's definitely above-par for whence it came, the European Archive, which is renowned for its sloppy work. I took the trouble to fully tag the files for you, and included the artwork in the folder, so that makes it an improvement.

Actually, it's mostly vinyl transfers today... and it's a lot of Copland, conducted by Copland! Both in his well-known "Americana" idiom (Billy the Kid, the jazzy clarinet concerto with Benny Goodman as soloist, and "Fanfare for the Common Man," which figures into his Third Symphony), and in his more modernist vein (the piano quartet - although, of course, he isn't conducting that).

And here you'll also find the most popular work composed by Vincent d'Indy - his Symphony on a French Mountain Air, also sometimes called the Symphonie cévenole, since it was in the Cévennes mountains that the composer heard the folk song on which the symphony is based. You know, I've often thought that the music of Vincent d'Indy and Irving Fine would make a wonderful pairing for a concert programme. If I could only come up with some clever name for the programme...


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