12-01: Magic Sam : Black Magic 1968 - Black Sabbath w/ Ray Gillen San Antonio 1986 - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli : Nuages 1934-1941 - E J Moeran Symphony | Rhapsody : Fingerhut / Handley 2004

1635 – Melchior Teschner (German pastor, cantor & composer)
1651 – Diego Cristóbal de Isla (Spanish composer)
1707 – Jeremiah Clarke (English composer & organist)
1727 – Johann Heinrich Buttstett (German organist, composer & music theorist)
1729 – Christian Ludwig Boxberg (German composer, organist & author)
1755 – Maurice Greene (English composer & organist)
1808 – Anton Fischer (German opera composer)
1813 – Ferdinando Bertoni (Italian composer & organist)
1817 – Justin Heinrich Knecht (German composer, organist & music theorist)
1893 – Eduard Franck (German pianist, composer & teacher)
1925 – Vicente Arregui y Garay (Spanish composer)
1926 – Hans Heinrich XIV Bolko von Hochberg (German prince & composer)
1932 – Amadeu Vives i Roig (Spanish zarzuela composer)
1935 –  Richard Mayr (Austrian operatic bass-baritone)
1939 – Max Fiedler (German conductor & composer)
1945 – Harvey Bartlett Gaul (American composer, organist, choirmaster, lecturer, music critic & author)
1950 – E. J. Moeran (English composer of Irish descent, active also in Ireland)
1951 – Felix Petyrek (Czech-born Austrian composer, pianist & musicologist)
1954 – Fred Rose (American pop & country songwriter & music publishing executive)
1960 – Ion Vasilescu (Romanian composer)
1965 – Ersilde Cervi Caroli (Italian operatic soprano)
1968 – Nicolae Bretan (Romanian operatic composer, baritone, conductor & music critic)
1968 – Darío Moreno (Turkish singer, songwriter, guitarist & actor of Sephardic Jewish ancestry)
1969 – Magic Sam (American blues guitarist & singer)
1982 – Dorothy James (American composer & teacher)
1986 – Lee Dorsey (American R&B singer)
1986 – Horace Heidt (American jazz & pop pianist, bandleader & radio & TV personality)
1993 – Ray Gillen (American rock singer, Badlands, Black Sabbath, Phenomena)
1997 – Stéphane Grappelli (French jazz violinist)
2008 – Mikel Laboa (Basque singer, songwriter & guitarist)
2009 – Gustavo Adolfo Palma (Guatemalan singer & actor)

Well, I'm sorry. This is Black Sabbath with... not exactly their most famous singer. In fact, it's Black Sabbath with not even their most famous dead singer. In fact, it's Black Sabbath with not even the more famous of their two singers whose surnames are homophones of one another (the more famous in that case being Deep Purple's Ian Gillan).

To hear Black Sabbath with their most famous dead singer, you'll have to wait until whenever I get around to May 16th... which, at the rate things are going around here, might be sometime in July. To hear Black Sabbath with their most famous singer, you'll have to wait until someone in their current lineup (that's to say, their original lineup) poops. And honestly, that could happen either tomorrow, or decades after I've stopped doing this blog. Either way, you nasty little children of the grave are looking at a minimum wait of one month and four days, and a maximum wait of forever. Maybe you'd better try looking somewhere else!


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