11-27b: Lee Morgan Delightfulee 1966 - Weill / Brecht Three Penny Opera (in English) : Lotte Lenya 1954 - Dufay Music For St Anthony Of Padua / Binchois Consort 1996 - Honegger : Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher / Zorina | Ormandy 1952

1474 – Guillaume Dufay (Flemish composer)
1749 – Balthasar Schmid (German composer & music publisher, friend of J.S. Bach)
1749 – Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel (German composer)
1890 – Emanuele Muzio (Italian conductor & composer, friend & assistant to Verdi)
1899 – Felipe Gutiérrez y Espinosa (Puerto Rican composer)
1915 – Sigismund Zaremba [Сигизмунд Заремба] (Ukrainian composer & conductor of Polish ancestry)
1916 – James Cutler Dunn Parker (American composer, organist & pianist)
1932 – Evelyn Preer (American actress & blues singer)
1955 – Luís de Freitas Branco (Portuguese composer & teacher)
1955 – Arthur Honegger (French-born Swiss composer & violinist)
1958 – Artur Rodziński (Polish-born American conductor)
1965 – Carl Parrish (American musicologist & author)
1967 – Héctor [Ettore] Panizza (Argentine conductor & composer)
1968 – Hans Redlich (Austrian composer, conductor, musicologist & author)
1968 – Gino Roncaglia (Italian musicologist & author)
1973 – Frank Christian (American jazz trumpeter)
1981 – Lotte Lenya (Austrian singer, monologist & actress, spouse of Kurt Weill)
1982 – Filip Kutev [Филип Кутев] (Bulgarian composer & choirmaster, Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir)
1988 – Karel Horký (Czech composer & bassoonist)
1994 – Fernando Lopes-Graça (Portuguese composer & musicologist)
1998 – Barbara Acklin (American soul singer & songwriter)
2005 – Joe Jones (American R&B singer, songwriter & arranger)
2006 – Don Butterfield (American jazz & classical tuba player)
2006 – Alan Freeman (English disc jockey)

Sorry... been busy. I hope this will make it up to you. One of hard-bop trumpet great Lee Morgan's very best albums, one of the best recordings available of the beautiful sacred music of early Renaissance master Guillaume Dufay, a landmark recording of Arthur Honneger's scintillating masterpiece Joan of Arc at the Stake...

... and Lotte Lenya (who's remembered best by most people for her portrayal of the sadistic Rosa Klebb in the James Bond film From Russia With Love) reprising the role of Jenny, which she'd created in 1928 for her husband Kurt Weill's Dreigroschenoper. This Broadway cast recording from 1954 is of Marc Blitzstein's adaptation in English, and the cast also includes a young Bea Arthur - surely that's got to sweeten the deal for you!

Another thing thing I should mention, just in case it causes confusion. The drummer in the big band on the Lee Morgan date is Philly Joe Jones - not the Joe Jones who's on our list, who was a singer! Those Joe Joneses have always got to be causing trouble this way, don't they? Anyway, it's all for the sake of tuba genius Don Butterfield, who also plays in that big band. Of course, all of them... Lee, both Joe Joneses, Don... have long since pooped. So I guess it's all the same...


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