11-25: Nick Drake Pink Moon 1971 - Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats 1979 - Fenton Robinson Somebody Loan Me A Dime 1974 - US Festival 1983 Metal Day : Quiet Riot | Motley Crue | Ozzy | Judas Priest | Triumph | Scorpions | Van Halen

Not shown above: Francesco Feroci, Julien-Fernand Vaubourgoin
1640 – Giles Farnaby (English composer & virginalist)
1748 – Isaac Watts (English hymnwriter, theologian & philosopher)
1750 – Francesco Feroci (Italian priest, organist & composer)
1755 – Johann Georg Pisendel (German violinist, composer & conductor)
1830 – Pierre Rode (French violinist, composer & teacher)
1883 – Ludwig Erk (German music teacher & composer)
1881 – Theobald Boehm (German flutist, flute maker & inventor of Boehm system of keywork for woodwinds)
1895 – Edmond van der Straeten (Belgian musicologist, music critic, lawyer & composer)
1899 – Robert Lowry (American minister, hymn composer, hymnbook editor & teacher)
1901 – Josef Rheinberger (German organist, composer, teacher & music theorist)
1914 – Davorin Jenko (Slovenian composer, Serbian & former Slovenian national anthems)
1952 – Antonio Guarnieri (Italian conductor & cellist)
1952 – Julien-Fernand Vaubourgoin (French organist, composer & teacher)
1965 – Dame Myra Hess (English pianist)
1968 – Marcel Labey (French conductor & composer)
1974 – Nick Drake (English folk & rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, clarinetist & saxophonist)
1997 – Fenton Robinson (American blues singer & guitarist, "Somebody Loan Me A Dime")
2006 – Valentín Elizalde (Mexican banda & norteño singer, "El Gallo de Oro")
2007 – Kevin DuBrow (American rock singer, Quiet Riot)
2010 – Peter Christopherson (English industrial & electronic musician & video director, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Psychic TV)

Two luminaries from the fascinating world of musical instruments are on our list: Pierre Rode, whose caprices for the violin are considered to be preparatory for the virtuoso-level caprices by Paganini; and Theobald Boehm, whose keywork and fingering system for the flute have become standard for that instrument, and have been applied successfully to other members of the woodwind group as well.

However, your supplemental reading does not concern these two, but rather a British folk-rock genius taken from us much too young, a master of Chicago electric blues who penned a much-covered standard, one of the most important pioneers of the industrial music genre, and a pretty darned good hard rock singer... along with a bunch of others he shared the stage with one rockin' Sunday back in '83! 

I hope you all have had a Wonderful Winter Solstice, a Merry Christmas, or a Very Good Whatever Holiday You Happen To Be Celebrating At This Time Of Year! Enjoy!


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