10-10b: Solomon Burke House of Blues 1994 - Jagjit Singh : Saanwara Krishna Bhajans - Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia : Sutherland / Horne / Bonynge 1977 - Eddie Cantor ! - Boswell Sisters !!

2009 – Stephen Gately (Irish pop singer, songwriter, actor, dancer & author, Boyzone)
2010 – Solomon Burke (American R&B, soul & gospel singer & songwriter & archbishop of the United House of Prayer For All People)
2010 – Dame Joan Sutherland (Australian dramatic coloratura soprano)
2011 – Jagjit Singh [ਜਗਜੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ, جگجیت سنگھ] (Indian Ghazal, Bhajan, Gurbani & playback singer, composer, tambura player & keyboardist)
2011 – Sean Morrison (American punk rock multi-instrumentalist, singer & songwriter)

~ Sean Morrison (1972-2011) ~
Our hearts go out to your many loved ones.

The Austin music scene lost a very talented musician this October 10th. Sean Morrison was one of those guys who could play in your rock band if you needed a really good guitar player. Or a really good bass player. Or a really good singer, or drummer. Or keyboardist, or even fiddler. But he was known mostly for being able to shred on the electric guitar. If you want to know how well, you can go to the MySpace page for Crapulence (a real word, meaning "sickness from overindulgence" - the band seem to have picked it up from Montgomery Burns' use of it in a Simpsons episode) and hear for yourself. That's also Sean you'll hear on lead vocals. And on bass, and drums, in certain songs. It seems that all three members of Crapulence play The Electric Bass on one song or another.

At the time of his passing, Sean was also playing guitar with Obnosticon. During the 90s, he was the bass player for Myra Manes. Other bands he played in since the 80s include the Mello Cats, Tabitha, the Rear Admirals, and Assnipple, in which one of his bandmates was Crapulence (most-times) bass player and electronics operant Jason Christian, himself an alumnus of the legendary Squat Thrust. (See the film Rock Opera for a closer look at them, Fuckemos, Butthole Surfers, Pocket FishRmen, Ed Hall, and several of the other infamous bands that occupied Austin's underground rock scene in the 80s and 90s.)

Sean Morrison was a family man and loved children. His day job consisted of teaching English as a second language to third graders at a local public elementary school. He led a very active lifestyle and loved the outdoors. He inspired those with whom he worked musically. He will be missed.

So... how about a whole lot of utterly amazing singing to help lift the spirits? With the soulful tones of Solomon Burke, Connee Boswell, Jagjit Singh, and Dame Joan Sutherland in your supplemental reading, you can't go wrong. And if you're more in the mood for comedy, the man who converted Sammy Davis, Jr. into a Jew, Mr. Eddie Cantor, is waiting for you there as well...


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