10-10a: Brahms | Schubert | Mendelssohn : Istomin / Stern / Rose - Beethoven Symphony 6 Pastoral / Paray 1934 - Catherine Collard : Haydn Piano Sonatas | Franck Violin Sonata

1676 – Sebastian Knüpfer (German composer, cantor & music director, Leipzig)
1727 – Alphonse d' Eve (Flemish composer & choirmaster)
1745 – Jacobus Nozeman (Dutch composer & organist)
1789 – Pierre-Louis Couperin (French organist, Église Saint-Gervais, Paris, great-grandnephew of Louis, 1st cousin twice removed of François)
1806 – Prince Louis Ferdinand (Prussian monarch, soldier, pianist & composer)
1836 – Jacob-Joseph-Balthasar Martinn (French composer, violist & teacher)
1843 – Karl Theodor Toeschi (German court composer & violinist, Mannheim)
1856 – Michał Wielhorski (Polish composer)
1867 – Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński (Polish pianist & composer)
1889 – Adolf von Henselt (German composer & pianist)
1964 – Eddie Cantor (American singer, comedian, dancer, actor, songwriter & humanitarian)

1964 – Russ Case (American studio trumpeter & pop, jazz & soundtrack composer, arranger & conductor)
1964 – Heinrich Neuhaus (Soviet pianist & teacher of German ancestry, teacher of Sviatoslav Richter & Emil Gilels)

1964 – František Pícha (Czech composer)
1965 – Georgy Mikhaylovich Rimsky-Korsakov [Георгий Михайлович Римский-Корсаков] (Russian composer, nephew of Nikolai)

1967 – Ervin Major (Hungarian musicologist & composer)
1976 – Silvana Armenulić (Yugoslavian folk & sevdalinka singer & actress)

1976 – Connee Boswell (American pop & jazz singer, the Boswell Sisters)
1978 – Ralph Marterie (Italian-born American jazz trumpeter & bandleader)
1979 – Paul Paray (French conductor, organist & composer)
1993 – Catherine Collard (French pianist)
1994 – Nikolai Karetnikov [Николáй Карéтников] (Soviet underground composer & pianist)
2002 – Teresa Graves (American actress & pop singer, Laugh-In, Vampira, Get Christie Love!)
2003 – Eugene Istomin (American pianist)

Okay, this edition is turning out to be a real ball-buster. I employed the progressive aspect there because I'm not even done yet! The edition will be in TWO parts, thanks to the passing on October 10 of last year of a very famous opera singer. And thus we will be having another opera a little later! Haven't had one in a while. As you might imagine, operas eat up a lot in terms of the labels, because of the names of all the damned singers. There will be some other offerings for Part Deux as well, so if you're not fond of opera there may be some other items that will be of interest to you.

As far as this post goes, even it is not quite be finished, because I'm planning on doing something special for Eddie Cantor and Connee Boswell, but it will take some more time for me to complete that task. When I do, they'll be added to the post for "10-10b," even though Connee & Eddie's images appear in this post's collage. Does that make sense? I know it probably doesn't, but just humor me. I'm a crazy person, remember.

Sorry I can't say any more right now. I'll try to add a little more to this write-up later. I know, you've heard that one before...


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