Special Comment: REQUIEMS

Requiems. Aren't they great? Requiems.

Yup, we're all about 'em here. You know it!

Sure, they don't always work out. Sometimes you poop right in the middle of writing one, and then your widow has to try to get a composer even halfway as good as you to try to complete it. And then after he gives up on it, she gets your copyist to finish it, and she has to make up a story about how he was your pupil so nobody questions his qualifications.

Another thing about requiems is that they usually take quite a few people to perform, sometimes as many as an opera would. And sometimes even if you don't count the orchestra and chorus members, the names of those people can take up a lot of characters! And sometimes those characters can push you past some arbitrary limit, like, say... 200.

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