09-121314: Rameau Anacréon Christie - ABBA live 1981 - Johnny Cash @ Folsom Prison - Furry Lewis On the Road Again 1969 - Stanley Turrentine Let It Go 1966 - DJ Mehdi Daftworld Mix 2011

1645 – Heinrich Steuccius (German composer, in J. S. Bach's choral repertoire)
1750 – Charles Theodore Pachelbel (German composer, organist & harpsichordist, active in Charleston, SC, son of Johann)
1764 – Jean-Philippe Rameau (French composer, music theorist & harpsichordist)
1789 – Franz Xaver Richter (Austrian singer, violinist, composer, conductor & music theorist)
1861 – Fortunato Santini (Italian priest & collector of large music score archive)

1894 – Emmanuel Chabrier (French composer & pianist)
1924 – Pekka Hannikainen (Finnish composer, father of pianist Ilmari, composer Väinö & cellist Tauno)
1932 – Jean Cras (French composer & career naval officer)
1932 – Julius Röntgen (German-Dutch composer & pianist)
1936 – Ossip Gabrilowitsch (Russian-American pianist & conductor)
1960 – Dino Borgioli (Italian lyric tenor)
1960 – Leo Weiner (Hungarian composer & music educator)
1964 – Mary Howe (American composer & pianist)
1975 – Walter Herbert (German-born American conductor & impresario)
1977 – Leopold Stokowski (British-born American conductor)
1981 – Furry Lewis (American blues guitarist, singer & songwriter)
1981 – Yasuji Kiyose (Japanese composer, teacher of Hiroyoshi Suzuki & Tōru Takemitsu)
1982 – Christian Ferras (French violinist)
1982 – Federico Moreno Torroba (Spanish composer)
1985 – Dane Rudhyar (American author, composer & astrologer)
1989 – Perez Prado (Cuban bandleader, singer, composer & keyboardist, active in Mexico, "King of the Mambo")
1990 – Wim de Craene (Belgian pop & cabaret singer & songwriter)
1991 – Ferry Barendse (Belgian jazz trumpeter & composer, The Ramblers)
1991 – Robert Irving (English conductor)
1994 – Georgi Tutev (Bulgarian composer)
1997 – Stig Anderson (Swedish pop songwriter & entrepreneur, manager of Abba)
1997 – Georges Guétary (French singer & actor)
2000 – Stanley Turrentine (American jazz tenor saxophonist)
2000 – Carlo Del Monte (Spanish operatic tenor, active also in Italy, France & Mexico)
2001 – Stelios Kazantzidis (Greek laïkó singer)

2003 – Johnny Cash (American singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor & author)
2006 – Norman Brooks (Canadian singer, Al Jolson soundalike)
2007 – Robert Savoie (Canadian operatic baritone)
2011 – DJ Mehdi (French hip hop & electro producer of Tunisian ancestry)

 ~ RIP DJ Mehdi ~
(20 Jan. 1977 – 13 Sep. 2011)
Our Hearts Go Out to All Your Loved Ones

*   *   *   *   *
Well, I left a lot of links for you up there, so I wouldn't have to write as much. Yes, I am, how you say, lazy-ass American. That's right. Me want lot of money, no want work.

Not like in old country. We work! Stomp on grapes for wine, 14 hours a day, they pay us 37 cents. It's not much... enough for a little bread... and to keep power on so we can blog one more day! That is all we ask... is it so much? To blog just once more... maybe download some Morton Feldman or early Franco-Flemish isorhythmic motets... you know... usual sad life of common people like it always has been!

So many times we feel despair of oppression. But then we break out music, and violins, and wine (oh, I forgot to mention that part... since they pay us so little to stomp on grapes, we get to take some of wine home with us... which is, you know, kinda cool, actually), and we start to dance... dance... DANCE... in that... you know, in that silly way that people in my country do... and then all is right with the world!

And then we go to sleep. For a really, really long time, maybe 10 hours. All that dancing... it wears you out, you know! And the drinking too. Maybe you call in sick for work the next day. The boss says "No problem, this other guy wants more hours this week anyway. See you tomorrow, buddy." What a tragedy! Damnable world and its unfairness.

UPDATE: Oh, and be sure check out vee-deo of Pachelbel kanon in just intonation, meantone tuning & equal temperament, with rolling score to follow along... it's, how you say, a real "ear-stretcher." Hehehe. Just like in old days, in old country. They make you confess. Stretch ears, stretch arms... you would not believe some parts they stretch! Torture you, you confess. Then they burn at stake. Or impale you... take many hours, even days, crucifixion more humane. But in other ways, not like old days, old country. You no roll score... score roll you. Also, NO CHOICE OF TUNING! You tune OUR way!! NO?!? Then we torture, impale!! Very painful, many hours you long for death. So... aaaaahhh.... ya. De Pachelbel kanon. In Re, ah... in D! Major! Have a happy day, and keep with your face a smile upon it !!  :D

And Johnny Cash... well, let me tell you something about him. At the old Emo's, on Red River, in Austin, Texas, on those wood stairs that walk up to the side of the big stage, over there by the gate, there's a lot of grafitti, and one of the bigger ones that I don't think they'd ever paint over is the one that says:

My Life:

I was born.
I worked at a place where
Johnny Cash played once.
I died.



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