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1612 – Ercole Bottrigari (Italian scholar, mathematician, poet, music theorist, architect & composer)
1712 – Johann Michael Zacher (Austrian church & court composer & music director)
1716 – Heinrich Georg Neuss (German theologian & composer)
1755 – Francesco Durante (Italian composer)
1803 – Charles Broche (French organist & composer)
1819 – Nicolas Rozé (French music librarian, music theorist, music director & composer)
1884 – Louis Lacombe (French pianist & composer)
1904 – Sigurd Lie (Norwegian composer & pianist)
1940 – Walter Kollo (German theatrical & song composer, conductor & music publisher)

1963 – Arnold Foster (English conductor, choir director, composer, arranger & teacher)
1976 – Louis Fourestier (French conductor, composer & teacher, winner Prix de Rome 1925)
1977 – Mary Ford (American pop singer & guitarist, wife & performing partner of Les Paul)
1983 – Freddy Martin (American jazz tenor saxophonist & bandleader)
1989 – Virgil Thomson (American composer & music critic)
1991 – Toma Zdravković [Тома Здравковић] (Serbian folk singer & poet)

2004 – Jacques Levy (American songwriter, theatrical director & clinical psychologist)
2010 – Aaron-Carl [Ragland] (American electronic dance musician)

Well, you know what they say. "When it rains, it pours." Do you know what that saying means, all of you out there for whom English is a second language? Well, I'll tell you. It means that our product tends to clump together when it's very humid outside, so we add an absorbent anti-caking agent to it, such as magnesium carbonate, in order to ensure that it is free-flowing during such weather conditions. Pretty interesting, huh? Aren't you glad you've got me around to teach you about the idiomatic use of the English language?

Well, I'm sitting here trying to decide whether there's anything much I want to say about today's poopers. You know, I really don't think so. I think everything you'd really want to know is either in the links above, or in your "supplemental" reading below. Enjoy!!  :>

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