09-29: Cheb Hasni Best Of 2005 - Tcherepnin Piano Concertos 2 & 4 Ogawa 2003 - Jan Werner Singer of Songs 2003

1902 – Iosif Ivanovici (Romanian military bandleader & composer, "Waves of the Danube")
1903 – Marie Geistinger (Austrian actress & operetta soprano)
1915 – Luther Orlando Emerson (American musician, composer & music publisher)
1915 – Rudi Stephan (German composer, killed in WWI)
1958 – Aare Merikanto (Finnish composer)
1964 – Sir George Dyson (English composer & organist)
1977 – Alexander Tcherepnin (Russian-born composer, conductor & pianist, active in France, China & the United States)
1989 – Georges Ulmer [Jørgen Frederik Ulmer] (Danish-born French composer, librettist, actor & singer)

1991 – Zapata Jaw [Nelson Renfrum] (Surinamese drummer, composer & poet)
1994 – Cheb Hasni [الشاب حسني] (Algerian raï singer & songwriter)

1995 – Seger Ellis (American jazz pianist, singer, composer & actor)
2006 – Jan Werner [Danielsen] (Norwegian pop & classical singer)

Okay, look, people. I'm not going to yank your chain. This is not exactly the most star-studded edition of YiDM we've ever had. But what are you going to do about it? People poop whenever they poop. Don't blame me... blame the Fates, or whatever Supreme Being you wish to. I don't blame anyone or anything. I just shrug my shoulders and say, "Oh, well, that's just the way it is."

Of course it's not as if people usually get a choice about when they die. Cheb Hasni, Algerian folk singer in the raï idiom (follow the link up there to find out more), was getting death threats from Islamist extremist nutjobs as soon as he became famous. They especially hated that he sang about such horrible, evil, unspeakable, taboo subjects as DIVORCE and ALCOHOL... ~~~oh, the humanity!!!~~~ In 1994, they finally got him. He was the first raï singer to be assassinated thus. I don't know how many there have been since then.

Look, I tell you what... if you are reading this, from anywhere in the world, and are a religious fundamentalist extremist from ANY religion - the sort that would harm or even kill another person because you don't like what that persons sings about - I have a few words for you. Scratch that. I have just two words for you: FUCK YOU. You are an idiot. Your entire belief system is a piece of shit, and so are you. You don't belong in civilized society; you belong in a rubber room, where the intelligent, reasonable people of this planet can be protected from your sorry, brainwashed ass. YOU'RE WELCOME! Yes, that's right. You're very welcome! I've done you such a FAVOR by informing you of what a sack of crap you are, that you should be thanking me. Because you're so stupid, you don't even deserve to know what a sack of crap you are. No problem! Any time! That is all! :D

Well, I feel a lot better... (Read more below)


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