Just Checking In: AUSTIN LIVEBLOG = 2011-09-22

As you can see, everybody's having a great time here in the Live Music Capitol of the Local Group of Galaxies. Snapped this one with my iPhone and uploaded it on the go. Well, sorry... love to talk about it more, but I'm being whisked away to yet another show, and then a party, and another show, and then two band practices, and another party, and then 3 more shows, and a show. Then everybody will be headed by to the practice space to practice some more before the big show tonight, followed by the big after-show party, which will be a whirlwind of activity! Then it's back to the practice space to unload all the shit, and then everybody usually practices some more, because, you know, you're already at the practice space anyway. Then one more show, and we're done. Make sure we GET PAID. Then back to the practice space to unload all the shit again, and then you sit down (not for very long, maybe about 20 minutes - okay, sometimes it's more like 30) and you make a new set list together, as a band. Everything has to be very democrat. Then it's just one more quick run-through of the new set list, before doing just that one last little 3-song open mic at the local hipster coffee house. Then everybody goes home and goes to bed... hehehehehe... just as soon as that one last party is over. Then ya get up and ya do it again the next day. It's not a bad life, really. The worst part about it is all those hours of down-time when you're just waiting for somebody else to get their shit together... thank God I brought my iPod !

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