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1607 – Luzzasco Luzzaschi (Italian composer, organist & teacher)
1646 – Johann Stobäus (German composer & double-bassist)
1733 – François Couperin Le Grand (French composer, organist & harpsichordist)
1789 – Luka Sorkočević (Dalmatian composer)
1867 – Simon Sechter (Austrian music theorist, organist, conductor, composer, & teacher of Bruckner & Vieuxtemps)
1868 – Franz Anton Adam Stockhausen (Alsatian harpist, teacher & composer)
1896 – Anton Bruckner (Austrian composer & organist)
1934 – Sir George Henschel (German-born British baritone, pianist, conductor & composer)
1945 – Väinö Raitio (Finnish composer)
1949 – Henri Rabaud (French conductor & composer)
1951 – Cecil Gray (Scottish music critic, composer & author)
1951 – Giuseppe Mulè (Italian composer & conductor)
1954 – Licinio Refice (Italian priest & composer)
1954 – Peter Anders (German operatic tenor)
1957 – Ettore Pozzoli (Italian pianist & namesake of international piano competition)

1957 – Petar Stojanović (Serbian violinist & composer)
1960 – Jussi Björling (Swedish tenor)
1965 – Julián Carrillo Trujillo (Mexican composer, conductor, violinist & microtonal theorist, "Sonido 13")
1975 – Hans Swarowsky (Hungarian-Austrian conductor)
1979 – Solon Michaelides (Cypriot composer, teacher, musicologist & guitarist)
1979 – Stanyslav Lyudkevych (Ukrainian composer, music theorist & teacher)
1979 – Norrie Paramor (English record producer, composer, arranger & conductor)
1984 – Hilding Hallnäs (Swedish composer)
1985 – William Alwyn (English composer, conductor & teacher)
1987 – Lorne Greene (Canadian actor & singer)
1987 – Peter Tosh (Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter & political activist)
1993 – Erich Leinsdorf (Austrian-born American conductor)
1993 – Helen O'Connell (American jazz & pop singer, actress & dancer)
1994 – Luciano Sgrizzi (Italian harpsichordist, organist, pianist & composer)
1996 – Bill Monroe (American singer, songwriter, mandolinist & bandleader, "The Father of Bluegrass")
1999 – Alfredo Kraus [Trujillo] (Spanish-Austrian operatic tenor)
2005 – Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (American roots-music guitarist, singer, violinist & songwriter)
2007 – Joe Zawinul (Austrian-born American jazz keyboardist & composer)
2008 – Vernon "Tod" Handley (British conductor)

Padre Licinio Goffredo Clinio Elpidio REFICE was taken to God in Rio de Janeiro on September 11, 1954, during a performance of his own opera Cecilia (Roma, 1934 - a sensation at its premiere). Renata Tebaldi was singing the title role that night in Brazil. Yes, you, a musician and a man of God, suffer cardiac arrest right there in the middle of your own opera about the Patron Saint of Music. And St. Cecilia Herself, like a siren, is calling you home to the light, in a voice remarkably similar to that of Renata Tebaldi...

Licinio Refice was one of the most important composers (con Monsignors Lorenzo Perosi e Raffaele Casimiri) to heed the call by Papa Pio X (1835–1914; Papa d'agosto 1903) for reforms of the Catholic Church's repertoire of sacred music. Pius wanted to turn away from the excesses of the 18th- and 19th-century repertoire and return to the Church's real musical treasury, plainchant, and to original compositions that incorporated plainchant in a more austere, sincere manner. Pope, now Saint Pius X, in being such a reactionary, was actually very forward-looking. His reforms added fire in the early 20th century to the recently rekindled interest in Medieval and Renaissance sacred music (with its constant references to old chant), and resulted in many new editions and related publications. Musically, it inspired styles that were more accessible to average performers and listeners - that is, to the body and congregation of the Church itself, not just to trained professionals. That is, in its own way, a very modern concept, regardless of the musical product.

Santa Cecilia, Lorenzo Perosi, Papa Santo Pio X, Raffaele Casimiri e Renata Tebaldi

Refice, as it happened, lived just long enough to see Pius X canonized, departing this earthly existence just weeks later. But of the 6 persons (not counting the implied 3 of the Trinity) I've mentioned so far, only Refice died between September 9th & 11th. Renata Tebaldi, on the other hand... did sing on a very famous opera recording with two other musicians who are on our list, Jussi Björling (...yes, I know - I messed up again and had him a day early, on Sep. 8...) and Erich Leinsdorf... (Read more below) See you on the other side of... oh, I don't know... the mighty thunderclap and the curtain to the Holy of Holies being torn asunder...

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