08-21: Wesley Willis Greatest Hits Vol 2 - O Estranho Mundo de Raul Seixas 1973-89 - Bismillah Khan Shenai Nawaz - Mozart Nozze di Figaro Levine 1990

In sort-of-but-not-really chronological order. Tagged image here.

1627 – Jacques Mauduit (French composer)
1772 – Alessandro Felici (Italian composer)
1772 – Johann Andreas Giulini (German composer & church musician)
1812 – Silverius Müller (Austrian composer & Latin instructor)
1824 – Santiago Ferrer (Spanish composer)
1856 – Peter Joseph von Lindpaintner (German opera composer & conductor)
1898 – Niccolò van Westerhout (Italian composer)
1932 – Frederick Corder (English composer, teacher & pianist)
1935 – Josef Cyril Sychra (Czech composer, conductor & teacher)
1940 – Paul Juon (Russian-German violinist & composer)
1949 – Gerhard von Keussler (German conductor, composer, philosopher & poet)
1951 – Constant Lambert (English composer & conductor)
1958 – Stevan Hristić (Serbian composer)
1958 – Walter Schumann (American film, television & stage composer & conductor)
1970 – Timothy Mather Spelman (American composer, active in Italy)
1981 – Hermann Schey (German-Dutch concert & oratorio bass-baritone)
1988 – Teddy Diaz (Filipino rock guitarist & songwriter, The Dawn)
1989 – Raul Seixas (Brazilian rock singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer)
1993 – Tatiana Troyanos (American operatic mezzo-soprano)
1999 – Juan Carlos Zorzi (Argentine composer & conductor)
2000 – Tomata du Plenty (American painter & synthpunk singer, The Screamers)
2003 – Wesley Willis (American visual artist & street musician, singer & keyboardist)
2005 – Martin Dillon (American operatic tenor)
2006 – Ustad Bismillah Khan (Indian shehnai master)
2008 – Jerry Finn (American punk & alternative rock record producer)
2009 – Dean Turner (Australian rock bassist, singer & producer, Magic Dirt)

Well, as all two of you may have noticed, I'm three days behind now! So for the time being I'm going to be posting just the essentials of the content here: the image-collage, the list, and that extra-special text you find at the end. I'll probably be in this mode for a few days, until I can get caught up. So, check back later to see if I might by chance have said something mildly interesting. Thanks for reading, and looking, and above all listening! – Papa Pic

P.S. Actually, there is one comment I'd like to add off the top of my head Re: Constant Lambert. For God sakes, man, can't you wait until the orchestra goes on break before lighting up?

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