08-20: Tomás Luis de Victoria Missa Trahe me post te - Ton Steine Scherben : Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten - Sun Ra feat. John Gilmore New Steps - Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Consummation

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1611 – Tomás Luis de Victoria (Spanish composer & organist)
1707 – Nicolas Gigault (French organist & composer)
1799 – Johann Christian Gottlob Eidenbenz (German composer & violinist)
1813 – Jan Křtitel Vaňhal (Czech composer, cellist, organist & choirmaster)
1825 – Richard Wainwright (English organist & composer)
1856 – Philipp Jakob Riotte (German composer, violinist, cellist, pianist & organist)
1908 – Louis Varney (French operetta composer)
1910 – Arthur Coquard (French composer & music critic)
1920 – Etelka Gerster (Hungarian operatic soprano & singing teacher)
1927 – Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler (Austrian-born American pianist)
1930 – George John Bennett (English organist, Lincoln Cathedral, Canterbury)
1931 – Waldemar von Baußnern (German composer, choirmaster & teacher)
1932 – Émile-Louis-Victor Mathieu (French teacher, conductor & composer, active in Belgium)
1932 – Tadeusz Joteyko (Polish composer, conductor & teacher)
1935 – Otakar Ostrčil (Czech composer & conductor)
1944 – Arthur Preuss (German tenor)
1948 – David John de Lloyd (Welsh teacher, folk music collector, composer & Eisteddfod participant)
1954 – Arthur Cranmer (American baritone, active in Britain)
1960 – Rudolf Moser (Swiss composer & teacher)
1963 – Mabel Garrison (American operatic soprano)
1978 – Ivan Jirko (Czech composer)
1980 – Joe Dassin (American pop singer, guitarist & animal-lover, sang mainly in French)
1986 – Thad Jones (American jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger & bandleader)
1995 – Paul Foster (American gospel singer, Soul Stirrers)
1995 – John Gilmore (American jazz tenor saxophonist, bass clarinetist & percussionist, Sun Ra's Arkestra)
1996 – Rio Reiser (German rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist & political activist, Ton Steine Scherben)
2000 – Nancy Evans (English mezzo-soprano, associate of Benjamin Britten)
2005 – Krzysztof Raczkowski (Polish heavy metal drummer, Vader & Dies Irae)
2006 – Claude Blanchard (Canadian pop singer, comedian & actor)
2009 – Larry Knechtel (American session keyboardist & bassist)

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  1. Regarding Gilmore: You know that you're good when John Coltrane is influenced by you. I read Sun Ra's bio where it mentioned that Gilmore was auditioning for some gig and decided to play against the melody instead of complementing it. Trane walked in and screamed, "You Motherfucker! You got it!"

  2. That's a pretty cool story. I might have to check out that book. It's pretty far out the way Gilmore stuck with Sun Ra all those years, from '53 all the way to the end... he only did a very few albums with other people... one with Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers, for instance. The album I picked for today is cool, because it's just with a quartet instead of the usual Arkestra, where Gilmore's playing can sometimes get lost in the shuffle a little bit, Here, you get to hear him a lot, and he takes some nice long solos. It's a good album.