01-13b: Lost Sounds : Black Wave 2001 - Teddy Pendergrass 1977 - Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost 1975 - Mccoy Tyner & Michael Brecker : Infinity 1995 - Fairuz : Ma'akoum (Avec Vous) Live 1999

1993 – Camargo Guarnieri (Brazilian composer & conductor)
1994 – Frederick William Sternfeld (American musicologist & author)
1995 – Ruby Starr (American rock singer, Black Oak Arkansas, Grey Ghost, Grey-Star)
2001 – Michael Cuccione (Canadian actor, singer, dancer, author & cancer research activist)
2005 – Nell Rankin (American mezzo-soprano)
2007 – Michael Brecker (American jazz saxophonist, EWI player & composer)
2008 – Sergej Larin [Sergejus Larinas, Сергей Ларин] (Lithuanian tenor)
2009 – Mansour Rahbani [منصور الرحباني] (Lebanese composer, musician, poet  & producer)
2010 – Teddy Pendergrass (American R&B, soul & gospel singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist & drummer)
2010 – Jay Reatard (American punk & alt-rock singer, songwriter, guitarist & keyboardist)The Reatards, Lost Sounds)

It's been a few days since I last posted, and you should expect posts to be less frequent from now on. That's because the doctors have just declared me cured and released me from the Funny Farm. That means I'm able to do things other than sitting around and blogging, which honestly isn't so much fun now that readership is significantly down, what with the most recent Great Purging killing many of the older links. Pretty soon I hope to be gainfully employed, which means posts will be even less frequent. But rest assured that when posts do show up they'll be the same low quality you've come to expect from YiDM. Many thanks to the 17 of you out there who are continuing to read and, of course, post your wordy and witty comments!

For today, it's some legendary personages from soul, rock, jazz, and world music, including one-half each of two different famous pairs of musical brothers. The Rahbani Brothers - Ziad and Mansour - were writers of popular songs and operettas whose work is most associated with that of the lovely and prolific singer Fairuz. The Brecker Brothers - saxophonist Michael and trumpeter Randy - have figured prominently in the recent decades of jazz history. Michael is considered in some quarters to have been the most influential tenor sax player since John Coltrane. His life was cut short by myelodysplastic syndrome, an early form of leukemia which also claimed the life of fellow jazzer Paul Motian. Other famous MDS patients have included Susan Sontag, Roald Dahl, and Carl Sagan.

MDS and Hodgkin's lymphoma are both diseases whose sufferers often require bone marrow transplants. Michael Cuccione passed away just after his 16th birthday, due to respiratory problems caused in part by the radiation treatments he'd received for Hodgkin's lymphoma when he was just 9 years old. In 1997, he founded the Michael Cuccione Foundation For Cancer Research, which raises funds for childhood cancer research and awareness. Give generously!


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