01-07: Bruckner 7 / Schuricht 1964 - Feeder : Echo Park 2001 - Tesla Louisville 1989 - Bartok Complete String Quartets / Vegh Quartet 1972

Not shown: Jacobus de Kerle, Gallus Zeiler, Antonio Corbisiero, Josef Lipavský, Ramón Félix Cuéllar y Altarriba, Bobby Pratt & Arthur Leavins

1591 – Jacobus de Kerle (Flemish composer & organist)
1625 – Ruggiero Giovannelli (Italian composer & singer)
1678 – Johannes Flittner (German composer & poet, active in Sweden)
1736 – Ceslav Vanura (Czech composer)
1755 – Gallus Zeiler (German Benedictine abbot & composer)
1783 – William Tans'ur (English hymnist, teacher, music theorist  & composer of West Gallery music)
1790 – Antonio Corbisiero, composer, dies at 69
1810 – Josef Lipavský (Czech pianist & composer)
1833 – Ramón Félix Cuéllar y Altarriba (Spanish composer & organist)
1843 – Franz Schoberlechner (Austrian composer)
1868 – William Batchelder Bradbury (American organist & hymn composer, "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know")
1890 – Hans Matthison-Hansen (Danish organist, composer & painter)
1891 – Wilhelm Taubert (German pianist, composer & conductor)
1922 – Antonio Scontrino (Italian composer & bassist)
1936 – Guy d'Hardelot [Helen Guy Rhodes] (French composer, pianist & teacher, "Because")
1943 – Nikola Tesla [Никола Тесла] (Serbian-born American inventor, electrical engineer & pioneer of wireless transmission)
1946 – Adamo Didur (Polish operatic bass)
1960 – Luiz António Ferreira da Costa (Portuguese composer & pianist)
1964 – Colin McPhee (Canadian composer & ethnomusicologist, specialist in the music of Bali)
1964 – Cyril Davies (English blues harmonica player & singer)
1967 – Carl Schuricht (German conductor)
1979 – Zbigniew Turski (Polish composer)
1980 – Carl White (American R&B singer, The Rivingtons)
1980 – Larry Williams (American R&B & rock singer, songwriter, producer & pianist)
1981 – José Ardévol (Spanish-born Cuban composer & conductor)
1983 – Dame Edith Coates (English operatic mezzo-soprano)
1985 – Johnny Guarnieri (American jazz pianist)
1994 – Bobby Pratt (American jazz trombonist & pianist)
1994 – Jay Blackton (American music theater conductor & arranger)
1995 – Arthur Leavins (English violinist)
1997 – Sándor Végh (Hungarian violinist, conductor & teacher)
1998 – Owen Bradley (American country & rock record producer)
2001 – James Carr (American R&B & soul singer)
2002 – Jon Lee (Welsh rock drummer & guitarist, Feeder)
2009 – Maria Dimitriadi [Μαρία Δημητριάδη] (Greek singer & leftist political activist)
2010 – Willie Mitchell (American R&B, soul, rock & funk singer, trumpeter, record producer & arranger)

Today it's hard rock, and Bartók, and Bruckner. And rest assured the humor is not lost on me at how the presence of Tesla the band here is a bit of a stretch in more ways than one. But if you've been reading this blog for a while, you realize that it's entirely appropriate for us to be remembering Nikola Tesla on his deathday; for Tesla can claim as much right as Guglielmo Marconi to being called the "Father of Radio," and of course the effect of radio on the dissemination of music in the 20th century was incalculable.

And the pathway from Tesla the man to Tesla the band is shorter than it may seem, at least in this case. The live show presented here (in .wma format - I hope that isn't terribly inconvenient for most of you) is from 1989, when the band were touring in support of their second album, The Great Radio Controversy, whose liner notes indeed posit the notion that Tesla deserves more credit than Marconi for the earth-shaking invention. So, as you would expect, five out of the nine songs that make up this short but sizzling set are from that album.

Not only that, but it's also extremely likely that AC power (which, as used today, hinges largely on the work of Nikola Tesla) will come into play at one or more points when you're downloading, unpacking, importing, synching up, and listening to this Tesla show... so you see, it's all making sense here at YiDM!


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