12-09: Stereolab : Liverpool & London 1999 - Garnett Silk : It's Growing 1992 - Big Walter Horton Memphis Recordings 1951 - James Moody : Never Again 1972

Not shown above: Gottlieb Muffat, José Ángel Lamas & François Leonard Rouwyzer
1770 Gottlieb Muffat (Austrian composer & organist, son of Georg)
José Ángel Lamas (Venezuelan composer & player of the tiple & chirimía)
François Leonard Rouwyzer (Dutch composer)
Sir George Job Elvey (English organist & composer)
Henry Holmes (English violinist, composer & teacher)
1924 – Bernard Zweers (Dutch composer & music teacher)
Eugène Gigout (French organist & composer)
Marie Lehmann (German soprano)
Georg Hann (Austrian bass-baritone)
Hans Barth (German-born American composer, pianist & organist, invented quarter-tone & just-tuned pianos)
Gunnar Graarud (Norwegian tenor)
Mado Robin (French soprano)
Yuri Shaporin [Юрий Шапорин] (Russian composer)
Jorge Croner de Vasconcellos (Portuguese pianist, composer & teacher)
Ludwig Weber (Austrian bass)
Nino Martini (Italian tenor & actor)
Sonny Til (American R&B singer, The Orioles)
Paul Godwin [Pinchas Goldfein] (Polish-born German violinist & dance bandleader)
1994 – Garnett Silk (Jamaican reggae singer)
1996 – Patty Donahue (American new wave singer, The Waitresses)
Faron Young (American country singer, songwriter, guitarist & actor)
2002 – Mary Hansen (Australian alternative guitarist and singer, Stereolab)
2005 – György Sándor (Hungarian pianist & author, friend of Bartók)
2007 – Thore Skogman (Swedish singer, songwriter & actor)
2010 – James Moody (American jazz saxophonist & flutist)

Okay. Now is not the time to panic. Most, or many, or at least some of you, are aware of the problem with our friends over at the place that starts with "Mega" and ends with "upload." It's a serious matter, one that has put a major dent in plans I had for today, and plans that many of us have had for a very long time. And it's exactly at times like these that each and every one of us needs to step back, take a few deep breaths, and say the following words to himself or herself, out loud, if possible:

"I am not my past or my future. I am not whatever story I have made up about myself, and told myself is true. I am not whatever hurts or joys I have experienced, or will experience. I am only present, now, in this very moment. I am the watcher watching, the listener listening. I am the space that the objects in this universe occupy. I am pure, eternal consciousness."

Okay, you can all scream now. I'll figure something out.

*   *   *   *   *

UPDATE: That took longer than expected. But you're all set now. Also, Big Walter Horton is here since I'd neglected him in the previous post.

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