11-17b: Can : Tago Mago 1971 40th Anniversary Remaster - Leonid Kogan : Shostakovich Concerto 1960 | Vainberg Concerto 1961 - A Proper Introduction to Ruth Brown 2004

1982 – Leonid Kogan [Леонід Коган] (Ukrainian violinist)
1990 – Peter Schilperoort (Dutch jazz multi-instrumentalist, Dutch Swing College Band)
1995 – Alan Hull (English folk-rock singer, songwriter & guitarist, Lindisfarne)
2001 – Michael Karoli (German avant-garde rock guitarist, violinist & composer, Can)
2003 – Arthur Conley (American soul singer)
2003 – Don Gibson (American country singer & guitarist)
2006 – Ruth Brown (American blues & R&B singer)
2006 – Flo Sandon's (Italian pop singer)

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