11-06b: Varèse Déserts etc Simonovitch 1971 - Hank Thompson Dance Ranch 1958 - Berlioz Harold in Italy : Primrose / Munch 1958

1965 – Edgard Varèse (French composer, active largely in the United States)
1965 – Clarence Williams (American jazz pianist, composer, promoter, singer, theater producer & publisher)
1968 – Charles Munch (Alsatian conductor & violinist)
1970 – Agustín Lara (Mexican composer, pianist & poet)
1986 – Elisabeth Grümmer (Alsatian lyric soprano)
1987 – Zohar Argov [זוהר ארגוב] (Israeli Mizrahi singer)
1989 – Dickie Goodman (American entertainer & record producer, "Mr. Jaws")
2005 – Minako Honda [本田 美奈子] (Japanese pop singer & stage actress)
2005 – Miguel Aceves Mejía (Mexican actor, composer & singer)
2007 – George Osmond (American patriarch of the Osmond family)
2007 – Hank Thompson (American country singer, songwriter & guitarist)

One of these days I shall have to recount to you a quite hilarious online encounter which took place between myself and a grand-niece of the great Charles Munch, who conducted the Boston Symphony Orchestra during that wonderful heyday of the early stereo LP period. But it won't be today...



  1. "The present day composer refuses to die". Edgar Varese.

  2. And of course Zappa was a huge fan of Varèse as well. Gosh, waex... how about joining the site? lol (hint hint... where it says "Necrophiles")