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Oh, no... don't think you're getting off that easy. There's also:

1646 – Virgilio Mazzocchi (Italian composer of sacred works for papal chapels)
1685 – Fidel Molitor (German church composer & music director)
1750 – Georg Matthias Monn (Austrian composer, organist & teacher)
1820 – Ludwig Wenzel Lachnith (Bohemian hornist, composer & infamous adaptor of Mozart operas, active in France)
1828 – Josephus Andreas Fodor (Dutch violinist & composer)
1853 – Georges Onslow (Anglo-French composer & pianist)
1889 – Karel Miry (Belgian composer of operas & the national anthem of Flanders, "De Vlaamse Leeuw")

1903 – Benedetto Junck (Alsatian-Italian composer)
1907 – Alfred Reisenauer (German pianist, composer & teacher)
1912 – Guido Papini (Italian violinist, teacher & composer)

1919 – Daniel Brink Towner (American hymn composer)
1931 – Carl Nielsen (Danish composer, conductor & violinist)
1941 – Wilhelm Kienzl (Austria composer, conductor, pianist & violinist)
1953 – Sir Arnold Bax (English composer, pianist & poet ["Dermot O’Byrne"])
1967 – Walter Müller von Kulm (Swiss composer, conductor & teacher)
1967 – Sir Malcolm Sargent (English conductor, organist & composer)
1967 – Woody Guthrie (American folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, mandolinist, harmonic player, fiddler & writer)
1969 – Skip James (American blues singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter & preacher)
1971 – Seán Ó Riada (Irish composer & folk musician, Ceoltóirí Chualann)

1990 – Eleanor Steber (American operatic soprano)
2000 – Benjamin Orr (American rock bass guitarist & singer, The Cars)
2008 – Johnny "J" (Mexican-born American hip hop & R&B record producer & songwriter)

Well, I lied. I'm feeling a little too overwhelmed to say anything of substance about Carl Nielsen, Arnold Bax, Malcolm Sargent, Woody Guthrie, Skip James, Seán Ó Riada, Eleanor Steber, Ben Orr, or Johnny "J". Maybe you're better off wondering what I would have said about them. Like: "Would he have drawn attention to both Woody Guthrie and Skip James as major icons of American 'roots' music?" Or: "Would he have used Arnold Bax's affinity for both Celtic and Nordic themes to segue into Seán Ó Riada's pivotal role in the revival of ancient Irish performance practice, and Carl Nielsen's status as the greatest composer the nation of Denmark has yet produced?" Or yet again: "Who's gonna drive you home tonight?" Good questions, all. I guess you'll never know for sure what the answers would have been...