08-30: UPDATE! Miles Davis : Steamin' 1956 - Ike Quebec : Blue and Sentimental 1960

1985 – Philly Joe Jones (American jazz drummer)

Well, I knew it would happen eventually. That I'd manage to neglect a really, really important musician. And here he is. Philly Joe Jones... how does a person neglect Philly Joe Jones?!? Well, anyway, I hope this post makes up for it, at least a little bit...



  1. I used to work at inventory at my dad's store. I ALWAYS miscounted. No matter how hard I tried, one or two widgets escaped my attention. Philly Joe Jones is a pretty big widget, but it is easy for me to empathise given that I have read Gogol's "Dead Souls"; where the protaganist litterally collects abstract dead serfs that the census missed in order to become a nobleman. Maybe by collecting dead musicians they will push you up to success?

  2. That Gogol had quite an imagination. You can see why his stuff has become the basis of so many adaptations. Actually, with Philly Joe, it wasn't really my fault. People are still getting confused between Joe and Jo, even though you'd think the addition of the "Philly" and the "Papa" would make it easier to keep them straight (not to mention their very different styles - Papa was older and transitioned into bop from swing, while Philly was pretty much always a bop and hard bop player). I mean, over at allmusic, where you would think they'd get such things correct, half of Papa Jo's discography contains things Philly Joe played on! Anyway, it turned out to be sort of a good thing to devote an entire post to Philly Joe. He was THE drummer in THE rhythm section - he deserves one all to himself!