An Apology For No Posts

I am sorry.

I am sorry
That I didn't post today
I know that you count on me
For certain things.

I am sorry
That waex has disappeared
They've taken him to Wing D
For special attention.

For waex
Is now as crazy as I am, you see
Only in slightly different ways
That preclude blogging.

And I am sorry
I am sorry for that, I truly am
For waex could have been an asset
To this weblog.

It is hard to type
Using only your nose and big toe
To work the qwerty keyboard
Can you imagine?

You are lucky
That I have been able to post
Anything at all, whatsoever
Given such conditions.

And I am sorry
About the new medication
That makes me feel so tired
So very tired.

And I am sorry
That I wish at least one of you
Would leave a motherfucking comment
It is my weakness.

But most of all
I am so very very very sorry
That I cannot be there with you
In your home.

Cannot be there
To give each and every one of you
The hearty handjob you deserve
For just being there.

Being there, in your rooms
Right-clicking on your mouses
Downloading the extra reading
here at YiDM.

I am sorry.


  1. Oh, well, close the stores and declare an international holiday! One of you finally commented! I shall have to engage in a longer-than-usual session of auto-erotic asphyxiation in order to celebrate this blessed event. However, sir, your praise for this pram' / should have been, if I am / not mistaken, / for a poetry slam / with a finger-snap jam / undertaken. Still, I do appreciate your blandishments and can only return the compliment by saying you have an excellent sense of judgement.

  2. Thanks for bringing the beer the other night, by the way.

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